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Processing of data in the Blood Service Biobank

The data and samples held by the Biobank are processed and stored with strict respect for privacy.

Biobank activities are regulated by the Biobank Act (688/2012) and monitored by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. Other Acts, such as the Data Protection Act (1050/2018), also affect the Biobank’s activities. 

The Biobank only releases material for purposes of high-quality research and product development. Samples and data are coded (pseudonymised) before their release, which means that researchers will not be able to link any samples or data to the person who consented to biobanking.

If you have consented to biobanking, you have the right to request the Biobank to tell you for which research projects your samples and data have been released. You can make an inquiry by filling out the information request form. 

The Biobank may contact you if your samples reveal a finding of importance for your health, if you have consented to this. 

If you’d like to know what information about your health the Biobank research findings have revealed and what these results mean, you may request a report. A fee may be charged for the report to cover the costs of verification and clearing of information. You can start by completing the Blood Service’s information request form. The results of biobank research are rarely directly exploitable for the benefit of individual persons.