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Red blood cell and platelet research

Our main objective is to do ambitious and high quality research in the area of red blood cell and platelet biology by studying the changes in the aging cells at molecular level and the impact of these changes in blood product production and clinical use.

​Majority of the FRCBS turnover comes from the sales of blood products, which emphasizes the importance of blood cell research as one of our main focus areas. It is utmost important that we understand the critical parameters affecting the biology and functionality of these cells while developing processes for safe and efficient blood products, and ultimately how this is translated to transfusion medicine.

The research focus is in cell functions and characteristics during cell aging and storage. These are studied in detail using recent advances in metrological methods in extracellular vesicle (EVs) research and focusing at molecular level on RNA and lipids. Current research is part of the SalWe GID program funded by Finnish Technology Agency, TEKES.​