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FIN DONOR 10 000

The aim of FIN Donor –study is to get new information about the effect of blood donation on iron storages of the donor and thus to advance blood donors´ health. We will gather information by internet guestionnaires, genetic analyses and biochemical measurements. From the blood samples iron storage status of the donor as well as the genetic differences influencing the recovery after blood donation will be studied. We aim to obtain this information from participating blood donors during each recurrent blood donation event.

Do you want to participate in FIN Donor 10 000 -study?

Any blood donor aged 18-70 is wellcome to participate in FIN Donor 10 000 –study in two blood donation offices, Kivihaka and Sanomatalo in Helsinki. The blood donation office in Espoo will join the study in 2016. Unfourtunately, we have had to exclude other offices for logistical reasons but in case of visiting capital area every blood donor is wellcome to participate.

When planning to participate, please read the following materials (in Finnish) carefully. You may either book time or participate without time reservation.

1. Kutsu tutkimukseen

2. tiedote tutkittavalle

3. tutkittavan suostumus

Wellcome to join FINdonor 10 000 –study!

News from FIN Donor Study

Collection of blood samples and questionnaire –data has been started in Kivihaka (6/2015) and Sanomatalo (10/2015). In the future this section will be updated to inform blood donors about the progress made in FIN Donor –study.


Contact persons at Blood Service:

Nina Nikiforow (

Pirkko Mattila (

Research Group in Blood Service:

Nina Nikiforow

Birgitta Rantala

Vera Raivola

Pirkko Mattila

Paula Salmelainen

Johanna Castren

Pia Niittymaki

Antti Larjo

Jukka Partanen

Staff in Kivihaka Blood Donation office

Staff in Sanomatalo Blood Donation office

Staff in Espoo Blood Donation office

Staff in Kivihaka taking care of the sample logistics


Mia Sneck (Huslab)

Outi Itkonen (Huslab)

Anu-Leena Hytönen (Huslab)

Marja-Leena Järvi-Holopainen (Huslab)

FIMM Technology Centre (UH)

Samuli Ripatti research group (FIMM, UH)