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Thousands of individuals will be recruited through Red Cross Blood Service, Mehiläinen Occupational Health Services and Carea (Kymenlaakso Hospital District) for GeneRISK study to investigate risk factors of 45-65 year old citizens for cardiovascular diseases . Each participant will go through a health check-up to define their risk for cardiovascular diseases, including evaluation of their genomic risk. The results will be returned to participants with couching to lower the risk. GeneRISK –study is coordinated by Institute for molecular medicine Finland (FIMM, University of Helsinki). For more information, please visit

Do you want to participate in GeneRISK –study at FRC BS?

When planning to participate, please read the following materials (in Finnish) carefully. Unfourtunately, for logistical reasons participation is possible only in Kivihaka blood donation office but in case of visiting capital area every blood donor is wellcome to participate.

1. Kutsu tutkimukseen

2. Tiedote tutkittavalle

3. Tutkittavan suostumus

Please, book your personal health check-up time here.

Wellcome to join GeneRISK–study!


Contact persons at Blood Service:

Nina Nikiforow (

Pirkko Mattila (

Contact persons at FIMM:

Project Coordinator Johanna Aro (

Dr. Elisabeth Widén

Professor Samuli Ripatti

GeneRISK Group at Blood Service:

Nina Nikiforow

Pirkko Mattila

Birgitta Rantala

Paula Salmelainen

Antti Larjo

Sofia Laitala

Tuula Soinvirta

Johanna Castren

Jukka Partanen