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Blood Service Research Fund

The Research Fund of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) awards grants to scientific projects that support the implementation of the Blood Service’s research strategy on the research and development of the Blood Service’s current and future products and services. The funding is particularly aimed at supporting research groups operating outside the Blood Service.

The application period for the Research Fund grants ends annual in early April. Read about how to apply here.

The Blood Service Research Fund was established by the Finnish Red Cross (FRC), with grants decided on annually by the FRC's Board of Directors as part of the Blood Service's budget process. The size of the grants to be awarded is decided annually by the FRC Board of Directors.

Grants are awarded for 1ꟷ3 years at a time. While multi-year funding can be granted in full during the first application round, this is conditional on the grant recipient demonstrating sufficient progress in their annual reporting. 

The Evaluation Committee processes applications and submits proposals for the projects to be funded. Decisions made by the Blood Service Board on the distribution of grants will be notified to the responsible researchers named in the application during the autumn of the application year. The awarded grants are also published on this website.

Funding applications are accepted for research expenses, salaries, a personal grant or a researcher visit.