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The Chief Executive and the management group

The Chief Executive of the Blood Service is in charge of the operations of the Blood Service and their further development. The Management Group supports him in his duties.

The Chief Executive of the Blood Service is Martti Syrjälä. The Management Group include Jarkko Ihalainen (medical director), Satu Pastila (blood donation operations), Katarina Stendahl (financial services), Heikki Myllyniemi (information management services) and Willy Toiviainen (communications and human resources).



Martti Syrjälä                               Jarkko Ihalainen                       Satu Pastila



 Katarina Stendahl                       Heikki Myllyniemi                       Willy Toiviainen



The Board of the Blood Service

The Blood Service is part of the Finnish Red Cross and has a separate administration. In between the FRC general assemblies and council meetings, the highest authority in matters regarding the Blood Service is vested in the Board of the FRC, which is also responsible for the activities and finances of the Blood Service. The Board of the FRC appoints the Board of the Blood Service.

The duties of the Board of the Blood Service include strategic planning and supervising the safety and effectiveness of operations. The Board of the Blood Service comprises a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and four members. Together, they represent multidisciplinary expertise within the areas of the Blood Service’s activities. The Secretary General of the organisation is entitled to attend and speak at Board meetings.

The Chairperson of the Board of the Blood Service is Kirsi Komi and other members of the Boeard are Markku Suokas (deputy chairperson), Gunvor KronmanTarmo Martikainen, Eero Rämö and Simo Siitonen.


Kirsi Komi                                    Markku Suokas                          Gunvor Kronman



Eero Rämö                                   Tarmo Martikainen                     Simo Siitonen