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The best chain of help

The strategy of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service lays the foundations for the planning of operations and safeguarding the service's operational preconditions in the future.

The vision of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is "The best chain of help." In our strategy poster, the strategy is visualised as a DNA helix. At the centre of the helix are our main strategic themes: donor guidance, optimisation of the national blood supply chain, and services in support of organ transplants and cellular therapies. The DNA strings display the key facilitators of our operations: profitability, constantly improved and smooth processes, solid expertise, communications that promote donor culture, business intelligence, personnel development and mentor-model supervisory work.


Partnership with blood donors
Finland has a blood donor base committed to helping patients, and we provide them with an inspiring experience of helping others. The number of blood donations is foreseeable, steady and continuously in accordance with the need. Our operations are cost-effective and react flexibly to changes in the need for blood.

  • The blood donor base is sufficiently large, variable and structurally diverse to ensure the availability of blood.
  • We have the processes, resources and tools that enable us to efficiently ensure the steadiness of blood donation and the fulfilment of the targets set for blood-group-specific storage as well as to react flexibly to the need of blood.
  • The service experience of blood donors is at an excellent level, and our customer service both guides the donors and builds commitment among them.
  • Customer service, communications and marketing support the introduction of tools and the implementation of operational changes.
  • The number and capacity of our donation locations are sensible and in proportion to the need for blood.
  • Our research activities generate new information on the biological, medical and social impacts of blood donation, and we utilise this information in our operations.

A well-functioning blood supply chain
We are responsible for the supply of blood products in Finland, and we guarantee the availability of modern and safe products in all circumstances. We improve the quality and effectiveness of blood transfusion therapy by means of modern information management, research work, knowledge sharing and laboratory services supporting blood transfusion therapy.

  • We have a good picture of the use and availability of Finnish blood products in all circumstances, and we share this information with hospitals and the authorities.
  • Our manufacture, supply chain and laboratory services operate reliably, efficiently and flexibly, preparing for emergency conditions and the changing needs of patient care.
  • The properties and quality of our products and services meet our customers’ needs and the requirements set by the authorities.
  • We improve the quality and effectiveness of the entire blood supply chain by means of good information management between the patient, the donor and the blood manufacturing process and by sharing our knowledge and expertise with all parties in the chain.


Top expertise in cell therapies and tissue suitability
We have Finland’s best expertise in biology related to the transplant of human cells and tissues. We provide the health care with products and services that complement the treatment of serious diseases in an efficient, economic and high-quality manner. Together with researchers and physicians treating patients, we develop new treatments.

  • The features and quality of our Stem Cell Registry and our laboratory services related to organ and stem cell transplants meet our customers' needs and the requirements set by the authorities.
  • We are a key player in Finland and an internationally respected partner in the network of cell therapy product experts and manufacturers.
  • We cooperate actively with researchers and other stakeholders to promote the availability of cell therapy products in Finland.
  • By means of biobanking, we provide new opportunities for scientific medical research and development.


Reliable, responsible and evolving Blood Service


We take good care of our operational resources, such as our personnel, expertise, finances, equipment, premises and the up-to-dateness of the information and communications technology we use. We develop our operations continuously and comprehensively for the good of the patients, avoiding all kinds of waste. We develop by investing in research and management by knowledge.

  • Our employees are happy.
  • We have a leadership culture that inspires and encourages development, transparency and participation.
  • Our decision-making processes are smooth, transparent and in compliance with good governance. We assess and manage our operations by means of indicators illustrating efficiency, smoothness and quality.
  • Our processes are smooth and flexible. In our development work, the starting points are increasing customer value and striving to eliminate any waste.
  • We ensure that we have stable finances to cope with even fast changes in the operating environment.
  • We assess and manage the risks in our operations actively and ensure the reliability of our operations.
  • Our information system architecture supports our strategy and projects and promotes the information security of our IT environment.

Our values

Patient well-being

Our operations always aim to increase patients’ well-being.

Respect for donors

Voluntary blood and stem cell donors are important partners in the chain through which the Blood Service provides its help. We value donors and their gift and provide a channel through which they can help patients.


We earn and maintain mutual trust by applying clear, consistent practices. We exercise good corporate governance and transparent communications.

Working community well-being

We seek to develop our personnel’s well-being to achieve optimal results in our operations. We want to ensure that our personnel consider the Blood Service a good place to work, a place where they can succeed and where they enjoy their work while being encouraged to develop their skills further.

Operational efficiency

We value the gift given by donors and do our best to ensure it is used at the right time and as effectively and appropriately as possible for the benefit of patients. We also continually develop our operations to make them run as smoothly as possible.

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