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What do the drops tell you?

​The blood supply barometer does not measure the real-time sufficiency of blood reserves at hospitals or the Blood Service; instead, its serves to instruct donors. The need for blood is affected by, for example, the number of blood donors in recent days, the use rate of blood at hospitals, and the estimated need for blood in the near future.

The goal for the Blood Service is to maintain a red cell reserve of five days for each blood group. This ensures an uninterrupted blood supply even in the event of a major disaster. In order to maintain blood reserves at a safe level, about 800 blood donors are needed each weekday.

Sometimes you can be called to donate even if the droplet for your blood group is full. This normally means that patients need especially platelets, and they only remain viable for five days.

If you haven't received a call or sms from us, please come and donate once the droplet for your blood group is half empty or less – and at the latest when you are called.


Donors from different blood groups are needed every weekday aproximately:

A+ 280
O+ 230
B+ 100
AB+ 35

A- 60
O- 65
B- 20
AB- 10 

How to add the blood supply barometer on your web page

Embed code vertical:

<iframe src="" frameborder="1" height="400" width="300"></iframe>

Embed code, horizontal:

<iframe src="" frameborder="1" height="300" width="400"></iframe>

Height value defines the barometer's height and width value defines it's width.