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How can your company, community or group give help?

Many pairs of hands can give more help than one. Have you already joined the life-savers?


Helping together is rewarding – you feel good about helping and the difference your donation makes can quickly be seen. Your business, workplace, community, educational institution, hobby group or even just a group of friends can save lives in concrete terms by donating blood and spreading the message about the need for blood donors through your own communication channels.

1) The easiest way to help is to start a BloodGroup (a blood donor group that donates blood on a regular basis).

2) You can also carry out a local or national challenge campaign aimed at your social and business networks.

3) If your company employs at least 1,000 people on the same premises, you can ask us about the possibility of organizing a blood donation event there. 

4) Encouraging others to donate blood, for example on social media also makes a big difference.

Donating blood is an easy addition in your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. Ensuring a sufficient supply of blood products is a necessary condition for the proper functioning of Finnish healthcare. You can support your staff’s participation by allowing them to donate blood during working hours, for example, a couple of times a year. Not only does this help patients in need, but is also a strong signal about your company’s values.

Join us!