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The more the merrier

Set up a blood donation group, or a BloodGroup! Setting up a group is easy, and anyone can do it. Companies and educational institutions, join our network of lifesavers!

Setting up a BloodGroup is easy

How do I set up a BloodGroup? 

You can set up your own BloodGroup by completing the registration form. That’s how easy it is!

How do blood donation groups work?

Anyone can join your group by mentioning the name of your BloodGroup at the donation centre. A blood donor can only belong to one BloodGroup at a time, but it is possible to switch BloodGroups.

So spread the word about your blood donation group! You can donate blood at any of our locations, which can be found anywhere between Rovaniemi and Hanko.

You can visit us on your own or with your group. There is usually always room for individual walk-ins without an appointment. If there are more than one of you, we will be happy to book you in at the same time. To book your appointment, please call our donor helpline on 0800 0 5801.

You can also book the appointments yourself through our appointment system.

For groups of four or more people, we can arrange a return taxi service free of charge, if needed. 

How do I prepare for blood donation?
See here to learn how blood donation works. 
Is there a first-time blood donor in your group? No problem! Refer them to our quick online test:

We recommend completing the health questionnaire the day before the blood donation appointment.

What are the benefits of a blood donation group?

Saving lives not only makes you feel good, but also gives you recognition

The Blood Service awards certificates to BloodGroups who have donated blood at least 10 times within the same calendar year. Reaching 20 donations will earn you a silver certificate, 30 donations a gold certificate and 50 donations a platinum certificate. 

Blood donation is an effective way of doing good: one donor helps three patients, three donors help nine patients and so on!

We provide coffee and snacks all donors. 

P.S. Many companies allow blood donation during working hours. Ask your employer if the same applies to your workplace.