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Multiply your help - start a BloodGroup

You can set up your own BloodGroup and donate blood regularly with your friends, colleagues at work, fellow students, or members of your sports team. Five donors will help up to 15 patients. Helping and the joy of helping are multiplied!

 How a BloodGroup works:

1. Start your own BloodGroup by completing the registration form. You will receive a starter package by post (including posters). Useful material is also available online in the resource bank (in Finnish, but the BloodGroup -materials are also in English. You don't need an account to log in).

2. Invite people to join. First-time donors and those returning from a break should start by taking the first-time blood donor test at (choose English as language on front page).

3. Make an appointment for each group member here. You can attend any blood donation site or event. Different people can also visit different sites. Groups can attend appointments together in small numbers, either using the same time slot or one after the other.

4. Please complete the health questionnaire in advance (no earlier than the previous day). The questionnaire can also be completed on site.

5. Welcome to donate blood and save lives. The whole process takes a bit over 30 minutes. Remember to take an official photo ID with you!

NOTE! Remember to register as a member of your BloodGroup during the preliminary assessment with the nurse by telling us the name of your company, community or group (the one you used to set up the group). Only joining the BloodGroup allows you to accumulate donor points for your Group’s points balance and thus receive certificates of merit. Once you’ve joined the Group, your further donations will automatically accumulate group points.  You will receive donor points even if you attend an appointment but are unable to donate blood for whatever reason.

If you've forgotten the name of your group, we can find it if you give us the name of the contact person, for instance.

A blood donor can be a member of only one BloodGroup at a time.

If your BloodGroup needs help with transport, we provide a complimentary return taxi ride for up to four people (max. 20 km in each direction). You need to book the taxi yourself and ask for a taxi card for payment from staff on arrival.  Note! Remember to take hygiene precautions when traveling in groups (e.g. wear face masks) during the coronavirus pandemic.

6. Sit back, enjoy your well-deserved coffee, and take the rest of the day easy! 

7. We look forward to seeing you again! When your BloodGroup completes 10 donations in the same year, the group will receive a Blood Service Certificate of Honor. Reaching 20 donations will earn you a silver certificate, 30 donations a gold certificate, and 50 donations a platinum certificate. The name of the group will also be published on the list of award-winning BloodGroups. What's your group goal?

Annual prize draws for active BloodGroups are also held every year.

8. Follow the Blood Service on social media and share photos and stories about your activities! On Instagram and Twitter, use hahtags #veriryhmä or #bloodgroup and tag @veripalvelu and/or your local Blood Service office (e.g. @veripalvelu_lahti) so we can share your posts!