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The BloodGroups autumn campaign was a success

A total of 2,602 registered BloodGroups participated in the BloodGroups autumn campaign. Four BloodGroups won a gift card package in the campaign draw.

In the BloodGroups campaign, i.e. a campaign for blood donation groups which lasted from September to November, the Blood Service challenged Finnish workplaces, associations, educational institutions, groups of students and friends to roll up their sleeves and help patients together.

During the campaign from 1 September to 30 November BloodGroups members donated blood a total of 8,526 times, which is over 30% more than in last year's campaign! Four gift card packages of 15 cards were drawn between groups that made at least five blood donation visits during the campaign. The draw included 394 of the most active donation groups. 

A Kiitoskauppa gift card was won by:

Harley Davidson Club Finland ry

Sitowise Oy / Espoo

Heinolan Peliitat

PerkinElmer, Wallac Oy


Congratulations to all the winners!


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