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Organize a blood donation campaign

Doing good is more fun together. Organising a blood donation campaign is a great way for businesses, associations, and educational institutions to inspire members of their communities to help many patients in need. Join us and make the blood circulate!


Cyclists belonging to Team Rynkeby God Morgon got together to donate blood as part of their BloodGroup before setting off on a bike ride to Paris.

A blood donation campaign encourages new faces to join in and creates a great sense of community – doing something really worth while together. A campaign can last for an entire (school) year or only a few months. It may include a playful competition between different departments, localities or member organisations or clubs. Why not make it an annual tradition for your organisation!

If you would like assistance while developing ideas, please contact info(at) – we are happy to help! The checklist below serves as a good starting point for planning. 

Be enthusiastic and factual in your communication

The more inspirational, understandable, and dynamic you make your message, the more participants will want to get involved. 

Campaign messages should include the following info:

- The campaign name, the campaign period, and the campaign’s contact person/organiser
- Where, who, and how to participate
- Why donating blood is important (statistics, patient stories, the Blood Service’s YouTube videos, your own experiences or those of willing volunteers)
- Who can donate blood: link to the suitability test (also in English) and the number of the free Donor Helpline, tel. +358 (0)800 0 5801 (weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m)
- Instructions to book a donation time and fill in the health questionnaire beforehand on the donation day (earliest the day before)

Accumulating donor points

In order for donors to jointly accumulate donor points, participating associations, clubs or units must first register their BloodGroup.  Once the Group is registered, each participant should provide the name of their Group when they donate blood for the first time. After this, they will be part of the BloodGroup and automatically accumulate donor points for the Group’s points balance with all future visits. 

To identify all the BloodGroups participating in your campaign, please add a common identifier to each group's registration form. This might be, for example, the name of the relevant umbrella organisation or the name of your campaign.

When your campaign is over, you get the results from the Blood Service. In longer campaigns, you can ask for information a few times along the way.

At your request, the Blood Service will provide certificates of merit for distribution to the campaign winners. You may wish to reward the group that has donated the most blood in total and the group that has donated the most blood proportionate to the number of group members. You can also reward the winning groups with your own prizes (please note that, by law, donating blood must be done voluntary and without remuneration).

Join us in lending an arm to save lives together!

​Campaign planning checklist:

- Campaign name and duration? (preferably a couple of months or more to allow sufficient participation time)

- Target group?

- Communication channels? Website, intranet, social media (#lendanarm, #bloodgroup, campaign name, also tag user @veripalvelu so we can like and share your posts), premises, e-mail lists, events, etc.

- The visuals of the campaign? You can devise your own creative look or branding or use the materials available for in the Blood Service’s material bank (use of the Blood Service official logo is agreed upon separately).

- How do you reward the winners and publicise their achievements? At your request, the Blood Service can award a certificate of merit to the winning group(s).

Traditional Finnish jumpsuit badges can also be awarded to students. Ask for one of your own on your visit!