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How can your company or community give help?

Many pairs of hands can give more help than one. Have you already joined the life-savers?


Helping together is fun and can bring rapid results. Your company, community, educational institution or your hobby group can do a lot by joining the chain of help in large numbers. The easiest way to help is to establish a BloodGroup, i.e. a blood donor group, that donates blood on a regular basis. You can also organise a local or national challenge campaign, or make your premises available for the Blood Service for organising a blood donation event (note: concerns offices with several hundred employees only). Dissemination of information about blood donation in your own communications channels is also very valuable.

Blood donation is a way of showing social responsiblity in a concrete and easy-to-implement form. By giving your personnel or members an opportunity to help, you strengthen a positive community spirit, support well-being at work, and communicate your community's values.​