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Multiply your help - establish a BloodGroup

Anyone can establish a BloodGroup, or a group of people that donates blood on a regular basis, at his or her place of work, in connection with an association or a hobby, or together with friends. Five donors can help as many as 15 patients at a time, when donated whole blood is divided into red cell, platelet, and plasma preparations.

Do you end up donating blood less frequently than you would like to? Establish a donation group of your own, and it is easier to make life-saving a regular habit! Being a part of a BloodGroup multiplies both the help given and the good spirit. Stretching out your arms a few times a year is the best way of helping us guarantee an interrupted chain of help. You can act as a BloodGroup even if every one of you came separately to donate blood.

Blood donation in a group of four to six people takes no more than slightly over an hour, but can save a patient's life.

Read more and register your own group as a BloodGroup here​.