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Multiply your help - establish a BloodGroup

Anyone can establish a BloodGroup, or a group of people that donates blood on a regular basis, at his or her place of work, in connection with an association or a hobby, or together with friends. Five donors can help as many as 15 patients at a time, when donated whole blood is divided into red cell, platelet, and plasma preparations.

Do you end up donating blood less frequently than you would like to? Establish a donation group of your own, and it is easier to make life-saving a regular habit! Being a part of a BloodGroup multiplies both the help given and the good spirit. Stretching out your arms a few times a year is the best way of helping us guarantee an interrupted chain of help. You can act as a BloodGroup even if every one of you came separately to donate blood.

Blood donation in a group of four to six people takes no more than slightly over an hour, but can save a patient's life.

How a BloodGroup works:

1. Start your own BloodGroup by completing a registration form (in Finnish only). Select a contact person for your group.

2. Tell people about your group and ask them to join in and help.

3. Decide on your group’s first donation date (or go and donate blood individually). When you know the time and number of people, make an appointment for your group by calling your local Blood Service office (you can also make group appointments for the Sanoma House in Helsinki online). If required, we can offer groups of at least four people a taxi ride (max. 20 km/direction, order the taxi yourself, we will give you a taxi card at reception). We recommend small groups of approx. 4-6 people in order to maintain a smooth service.

If you are using a mobile blood service, please let the organising Blood Service office know in advance (Kuopio, Oulu, Seinäjoki, Turku or Tampere. In the Metropolitan, Uusimaa and South Karelia regions, please contact

Please allow 1.5–2 hours for your group visit. Remember to bring official photo IDs with you!

4. Fill in the electronic health questionnaire before donation.

5. Blood donation and a feel good coffee break.

6. Make your next blood donation appointment in 3–6 months.

If your group donates blood at least 10 times in a calendar year, you will receive a Blood Service certificate of honour and we will put your name on the list of awarded BloodGroups. At least 20 donations will earn you a silver certificate, at least 30 donations a gold certificate, and at least 50 donations a platinum certificate.

Note! Please remember to give us the name of your company, community or group, so that all donations can be registered on your "blood bank account".