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Organize a blood donation campaign

Do good with a smile on your face! Communities, associations and educational institutions can encourage their members and partners to help together by organising a blood donation campaign. Join us and make the blood circulate!


If you are planning a local campaign, please agree on the dates and other arrangements with your nearest Blood Service unit. Assistance for organising a national campaign is available through the address info(at)

The more active you are and the more inspiring the message, the more donors your will attract. In the campaign message or advertisements, you should include the campaign slogan, dates and the organising party, why donation is important, where people can participate in the campaign, and the basic information on who can donate (link to the online test and freephone information line for donors +358 800 0 5801 for additional questions). Urge the participants to enter their names on the campaign list at the donation location, so that the results of the campaign, i.e. the number of donors, can be counted afterwards. So, when contacting us, please inform us in which blood donation locations you want to have your lists of names.

At your request, the Blood Service may deliver a certificate of honour to the winner of the challenge. You can also give your own awards to the winners.

Social media is a place where campaigns are easy and efficient to organise. Good luck to planning!

Checklist for campaign planners:
- Name of the campaign

- Time and duration (preferably at least one to two months, so that people have enough time to participate)

- Who are you challenging jo join?

- Are you competing in teams or are all donations calculated together?

- In which donation centres can people participate in the campaign (in some of them or all of them)?

- Which communications channels and means are the best for reaching your target group? An inspiring message and noticeable visual image are helpful. You can design your own campaign material or use material provided by the Blood Service. You can order brochures by filling in this form or upload them from the material bank.