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Donate blood



Donating blood is an easy and quick way to help others. Before the actual donation every donor fills in a health care questionnaire and has a discussion with a nurse. The actual donation lasts approximately five to ten minutes and it’s good to reserve about 30-60 minutes for your whole visit. After your donation we hope you have time to sit down and enjoy some refreshments at the donor session.

The products and medicines that are made out of donated blood are needed for patients with cancer as well as premature babies. They're also essential to replace blood loss in accidents and surgery. Often the life of a patient can be saved with the help of blood products and medicines.

Blood cannot be produced artificially. Therefore the patients needing blood depend on the help of blood donors. If for some reason you are not able to donate yourself, you can still encourage others to do so.

Almost one thousand blood donations are needed in Finland daily to ensure enough blood products for patients. You can save a life by donating blood. Find a donor session near you and come be a life saver!

We constantly need new blood donors. Check if you can donate with our on-line test and start today! We recommend taking the test before each donation.

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