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Oulu Blood Service Centre

Isokatu 32 C
90100 Oulu
Opening Times
Wed and Thu 11 am - 6 pm, Fri 10 am - 5 pm.
Contact Information
tel. +358 29 300 1110
Information & advice
+358 800 0 5801 (Mon-Fri 8 am–5 pm)

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Oulu Blood Service Centre
Wed and Thu 11 am - 6 pm, Fri 10 am - 5 pm.
Isokatu 32 C, 90100 Oulu

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Please arrive well before the closing time

The transport schedule of donated blood was changed in Northern Finland as of 1 May 2017. The reason behind this are the logistical rearrangements, as a result of which the blood donated in Northern Finland needs to be sent to the Helsinki Blood Service Centre earlier than before.

As of 1 May, the shipment departs from the Oulu Blood Service Centre on weekdays at 6:30 pm. Regional Director Mervi Näyhä wishes that donors would take account of the challenges the last opening hour of the day poses. She wishes that especially groups and those donating for the first time would come to the service centre well before the closing time.

“It is good to reserve about an hour when coming to donate blood for the first time, so that there is enough time to discuss and go through the donation process at a leisurely pace. Similarly, a group of donors may sometimes require a little extra time. When you come to donate in good time, we can best guarantee both unhurried customer service and delivery of the donor's gift in time,” Näyhä says.

At the Oulu Blood Service Centre, you can make an appointment in advance.

Due to the changes in logistics, the schedule of blood donation events was also moved forward in several localities in Northern Finland as of 1 May. The events will start and end half an hour or an hour earlier than before. The new schedules can be found in the calendar of blood donation events.


You can park your car in the Anttila parking hall (Autosaari) or in the parking facility Kivisydän. Our office will give blood donors a voucher for covering the parking fee.​



Information about the Oulu Blood Service Centre

Weekly target: 167 donors
Head of the unit: Mervi Näyhä
Telephone number: 029 300 1110
E-mail: oulu.verenluovutus(at)

Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday
11 am - 6 pm

10 am - 5 pm

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