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Questions about appointments

Thank you for being a blood donor! On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions about booking an appointment to blood donation

Who can book an appointment to donate blood?

All blood donors, including first-time donors, can book an appointment to donate whole blood. You do not need to register as a user and you do not need to have a donor number.

Donation of platelets (possible only at the Kivihaka service location) is only possible for some donors who have already donated blood before.

When can I book an appointment?

Appointments for blood donation sessions will become available for booking at the latest four weeks before the start of the session. The Blood Service’s permanent service locations offer appointments for dates further away.

Can I book an appointment for the same day?

Yes you can. It is important that all the appointments of the day are used, as they are made available according to how many donors are needed.

How much time should I reserve for the blood donation visit?

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to donate whole blood, but it’s a good idea to reserve at least half an hour for the entire visit, as you should allow some time for a rest and coffee after donating blood. If you are a first-time donor, reserve an hour for the visit.

When do I need to show up?

The appointment time is your check-in time. Please arrive at the start of your appointment time. 

Will I still have to wait if I have booked an appointment?

We aim to serve all donors as quickly as possible. Sometimes we may still be busy and you may have to wait, as several donors may have the same check-in time as you. 

Is it mandatory to book an appointment for blood donation?

If you have not booked an appointment and there is room, we will be happy to accept your donation even without an appointment. 

Does booking an appointment require registration?

No it does not. Please enter your email address and phone number when you book, so that you can edit your booking later via the confirmation link.

What if I am unable to book an appointment?

You can also book an appointment by calling a service location or the Blood Service’s information line on 0800 0 5801 (weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm). If necessary, our staff can show you show you in person how to book an appointment for the next time. Staff can also book an appointment for you on site for the same day (if there are appointments available) or for the next blood donation session.

Why can’t I book an appointment?

If you can’t book an appointment to donate blood, the schedule may be full. Try to book an appointment for another day, or come again next time we hold a blood donation session in your area. 

If you need help booking an appointment, please call the toll-free information line for donors, tel. 0800 0 5801 (weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm). 

I’m coming with a friend or there is a group of us coming to donate blood. Where can we book an appointment?

Everyone should have a separate appointment booked. Groups can book an appointment by calling the nearest permanent service location or the toll-free donor helpline, tel. 0800 0 5801 (Mon–Fri 8 am–5 pm). You can also book the appointment yourselves. 

What if I’m late?

We kindly request that you arrive on time for your appointment. Our staff strive to be flexible where possible. 

What if I can’t come?

If you can’t come, it is important that you cancel your appointment. Then another blood donor can book that appointment. You can cancel the appointment yourself via the confirmation link sent to you by SMS or email, or by calling us. If you can’t find the confirmation message, check the spam folder in your email. You can also call the toll-free information line on 0800 0 5801 (weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm). 

You will not be charged for cancelling your appointment.

Can I change my appointment?

If you have booked an appointment through our website, you will be able to change it via the link provided in the confirmation message. Check your spam folder just in case!

You can also change your appointment by calling the service location in question directly or the toll-free donor helpline, tel. 0800 0 5801.

What changed with the new appointment system?

The blood donation appointment system changed on 1 December 2021. Previously, different systems were used to book appointments for blood donation sessions and service locations. With the reform, booking an appointment has been made easier for you, with all blood donation sites available in the same appointment system. For the time being, platelet donation appointments are still booked in a separate system.

What is the difference between a blood donation session and a service location?

The Blood Service has ten permanent service locations across Finland. Blood donations are accepted at these locations every weekday or on some days. At some service locations, staff tour for part of the week to hold blood donation sessions in nearby areas.

Blood donation sessions are events for donating blood held outside of our permanent service locations. You can donate blood in any town or city.