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Welcome, Blood Donor!

Book an appointment here.

Are you donating blood for the first time? First, check whether you are a suitable donor.

Do you remember the last time you donated blood? Use the calculator to count whether enough time has passed since your previous donation.

How to book an appointment to donate blood

  1. Go to the appointment system. You do not need a username and you do not need to log in to book an appointment.
  2. Find where to donate blood on the map or type the name of the town or city in the search field and click on the map marker. You can book an appointment at any donation site. If the search does not return any results, blood cannot be donated in that location or appointments are not yet available.
  3. The calendar shows the dates with appointments available. Select the date when you want to book an appointment.
  4. Select the time when you want to book an appointment
  5. Fill in your contact details. You will receive a confirmation message that will allow you to edit your booking later. We will also send you a reminder of the appointment the day before the blood donation.
  6. Thank you for your help! Don’t forget to complete the electronic health questionnaire on the day of your appointment or the day before.

If you need help booking an appointment, please call the toll-free information line for donors on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, tel. 0800 0 5801.