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Donor experiences and surveys

Blood donors value good customer service

According to customer surveys conducted by the Blood Service, blood donors are highly satisfied with the customer service they have been provided. It is important for donors that the personnel working in blood donation tasks is professional and friendly.

Blood donors say that they have been provided unhurried service and counselling at the Blood Service, and that the atmosphere there is cheerful. The donors feel that they are taken good care of in the donation situation, they are listened to, and their questions are answered. In addition, the donors commend the Blood Service for well organised, flexible and smoothly running operations. The donors consider the raise in the donation age a great reform and they feel valued due to the individual treatment they are given by customer service. As areas that need development the donors mention acknowledgement of customers upon arrival and exit.

The Blood Service conducts an extensive survey to blood donors on customer service and the counselling of the donors four times a year. The questionnaire is sent to 4,000 donors, about half of whom respond.

To the Blood Service, the results of the survey are a sign that we have succeeded in telling the donors how valued partners they are in extending a helping hand. Respect and appreciation of each donor is one of the four values of the Blood Service. Our other values are patient well-being, operational efficiency, dependability and staff well-being.