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Invitations to blood donation



You can give us permission to invite you in the following way:

When you come to donate blood the next time, check and complete your contact details and give us the permission to invite you to donate blood on the donation form.

You can also give your permission to invite you by calling the free information number on +358 800 0 5801 (Mon to Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or by sending an email to verenluovutus(at) You can cancel this permission at any time.

You can select from a range of invitation methods. We hope that you give permission to as many invitation methods as possible so we can use the channel that is best suited for the situation.

Please follow the blood supply situation regularly
Since our system only allows us to send invitations to the same people at specific intervals, we may not be able to remind you of blood donation as often as the situation would require. Please follow the blood supply situation on our website and come and donate at least when you receive an invitation from us.

An SMS invitation is the first choice

Since we use SMS messages as the primary method of invitation, we hope that you will give us permission to send you text messages. When the product supply for your blood group is clearly low and we urgently need donors, you will receive an SMS. We may also send you an SMS to remind you of a blood collection event organised nearby. When we have your mobile phone number, we can invite you to come and donate blood at short notice when your help is needed the most. You do not need to answer our text messages.

Receive a newsletter by email

If you give us permission to use email and provide us with your valid email address, we can send you a donation invitation via email. You will also receive a newsletter intended for blood donors two to four times a year.

Invitation calls only in special cases

We usually only invite donors by telephone when the blood supply is alarmingly low. Some regular donors have given us permission to perform more specific determinations on their blood. We invite them by telephone when there is a patient who needs a special product. Please ensure that we have your phone number so we can invite you to donate blood at short notice when your help is needed the most.

A postcard invitation acts as a reminder and notice

If it has been some time since your last donation, we can use a postcard to remind and invite you to donate. We may also inform you of blood collection events organised nearby on the card. We can send postcard invitations to all those donors who have given us their permission to do so.