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Invitations to blood donation



The Blood Service invites blood donors to donate blood in many different ways. In order for us to reach you when it matters, it’s important that we have your current contact information. It’s really helpful if you are able to donate when you are invited to do so. Of course, you are also welcome to donate blood even without an invitation!

Donations from approximately 800 blood donors are needed Monday to Friday all year round. You can see the daily demand level for your blood type on our homepage. Book a blood donation appointment today!

You can give us permission to invite you in the following ways

When you come to donate blood. Please remember to check your contact information with the nurse and make any necessary changes.
You can also give permission by calling the free blood donor info line: (+358) (0)800 0 5801 (Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm).

SMS invitation

As we mostly invite donors via SMS messages, we hope that you will give us permission to send you text messages. We invite blood donors to all of our donation sites for various reasons, such as the availability of appointment times and the levels of blood products we currently hold.

Receive a newsletter by E-mail

We also contact blood donors by E-mail to invite them for blood donation. Please check that we have your valid E-mail address! E-mail is a quick and inexpensive way to invite blood donors. You will also receive a newsletter aimed at blood donors three to four times a year. The newsletter contains information about the situation regarding blood donors, any changes in our donor practices, and other current news items.

Invitation via telephone

We invite donors by phone when blood is urgently needed, for example for a specific patient, or when there are plenty of free appointments in our appointment calendar. Some of our regular donors have also given us permission to make more specific requests regarding their blood. We invite these donors by telephone when there is a patient who needs a particular blood product. Please ensure that we have your current phone number so we can invite you to donate blood precisely when your help is most needed.

A postcard or letter invitation acts as a helpful reminder

We may send you a postcard or letter to let you know about blood donation events taking place in your local area and any changes in blood donation practices.