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Many ways to help


In addition to donating blood, you can help other people in many other ways. You can encourage other people to donate blood regardless of whether you yourself are able to be a donor. Taking a friend along when you go donating blood is a great way to make the activity pleasurable. It is also easy to provide encouragement in the social media. You can follow and share updates of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can become an advocate of blood donation at your workplace or educational institute, or in your circle of friends where you share hobbies, or in other similar communities. If you want, you can start a BloodGroup or organise a blood donation campaign of your own.

People who act as an inspiration are needed to encourage more lifesavers to join our ranks.

If you are aged 18 to 40 years, you can also join the Stem Cell Registry.​