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Claims and returning

When a defects is suspected in a blood product, the hospital may return the preparation and potential transfusion equipment and tubes in a carefully sealed package to the Blood Service. The filled-in preparation complaint form must be returned with the shipment.

- Preparation complaint form (FI)

When a defect is suspected in an OctaplasLG preparation, the complaint must be immediately made to the order centre. Any product complaints and customer feedback (e.g. on broken bags) is made using an OctaplasLG product complaint form. Additional information on how to file a product complaint on OctaplasLG products can be found in the customer guidelines provided below.

- OctaplasLG product complaint form (FI)                                                                                                                                                        

Reklamation av octaplas-produkt, kundinforman (in Finnish and in Swedish; “Customer guidelines on OctaplasLG product complaints”)

The form is faxed to the Blood Service or sent to the address veritilaukset(at) The preparation should be stored at the blood centre for potential return request.

Every complaint concerning a medical preparation is processed as a potential case of product defect until the severity of the situation has been investigated. A product defect refers to a situation in which a medical preparation batch, a part thereof, or a single package delivered by a pharmaceutical plant fails to meet the product requirements.

The Blood Service compensates the preparations to the customer on the basis of the investigations it has conducted.

Contact information 

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS)
Order Centre
Härkälenkki 13 C
FI-01730 Vantaa

Order Centre, tel. +358 29 300 1001
Back-up number +358 50 3742 685
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