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Veripalvelu®-laboratory services

The Blood Service offers laboratory tests and assays to hospitals, health care centres, clinics and private laboratories, and performs the donor and blood product testing needed in the Blood Service's own operations. The Blood Service laboratory employs some 100 laboratory professionals and annually performs almost 2 million laboratory tests.


The laboratory tests performed by the Blood Service include blood group testing, red cell antibody determination and histocompatibility testing. All our tests and assays are described in the examination guidebook (in Finnish).We operate as the national reference laboratory in research and testing related to blood group determination and, if necessary, as the blood centre for smaller health care units. The reference laboratory operates 24/7. The blood group determinations and blood group antibody screenings of pregnant women as well as all histocompatibility testings for organ and stem cell transplantations made in Finland are centralised to our laboratory. In addition to laboratory testing, our services include the possibility to consult our experts in any questions related to the laboratory tests we provide. Almost all laboratory tests and assays provided by the Blood Service are accredited (T119, EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO 15189).

The donor and blood product testing needed in the Blood Service's own operations include infection screening and blood group determinations of donated blood, and the testing needed for the quality control of blood and cell therapy products included in our portfolio.