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Histocompatibility testing

The national HLA laboratory, functioning at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, has a long history in Finnish transplant operations. All histocompatibility testing for organ and stem cell transplantation in Finland has been performed at the Blood Service since 1965. Centralised operations and storage of samples enable on-call testing and urgent further examinations.


Tissue transplant operations include such key tests as HLA typing and leukocyte antibody screening and crossmatching. Based on the test results, a statement on the compatibility between the donor and the patient is given. Our test range includes HLA disease association studies and HLA pharmacogenetic testing.

For the purpose of organ transplantation, our laboratory is on-call around the clock and we provide statements for histocompatibility on all organ transplantations.

Our team of experts gives clinical and genetic consultation on any issues related to histocompatibility. Our expertise on the special features of the Finnish population can be used for finding suitable donor candidates already in the early stages of the donor search. In addition to our extensive national networks, our experts actively participate in Nordic and European co-operation within the field of transplantation.

Contact information:

Tissue compatibility tests
tel. +358 29 300 1796, +358 50 374 2672
(sample information +358 29 300 1414)
e-fax +358 9 454 6253
tissue compatibility duty officers on call 24/7, tel. +358 29 300 1212