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Advanced Cell Therapies

The FRC Blood Service develops and manufactures new advanced cell therapy products (ATMP) and provides tissue engineering services for Finnish health care providers. The Blood Service carries out active research and development in the field of novel advanced cell therapy products together with Finnish medical research groups and international partners.

Cell therapy products categorized as ATMPs or tissue products are manufactured under appropriate licenses in the cleanroom of the Advanced Cell Therapy Centre (ACTC; see video below). The biological starting material for cell therapy products can be collected either from voluntary donors (allogeneic) or from the patient him/herself (autologous). The starting material is then processed in the ACTC's cleanroom facility, which is required for clinical use of ATMP- and tissue products.

Current cell therapy products produced at the Advanced Cell Therapy Centre:

  • Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) are produced under the EU 'hospital exemption' regulation. MSCs are used for treatment of refractory graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) at hematopoietic transplantation centers.

The FRC Blood Service's goal is to be the leading operator in the area of advanced cell therapies in Finland, providing the best and most effective therapies to health care providers, for the best of the patient.




Dr Anita Laitinen, anita.laitinen(at), phone: +358-29-300-1693