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Future cell therapy needs

The Advanced Cell Therapy Centre (ACTC) of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is an established infrastructure for the development and manufacture of cell therapy products. We develop new cell therapy treatments together with researchers and physicians. Our vision is to establish ourselves as the translational research and cell manufacturing hub in Finland for clinical, academic or industrial partners. Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is a non-profit organization.

Our facility and activities:

• operational since 2012

• 4 executed cell therapy programs thus far:

- allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) for graft-versus-host disease 
- graft engineering of stem cell transplants for haploidentical stem cell transplantations
- autologous keratinocytes for burn victims
- leukapheresis (ATMP starting material) service

• cell handling technologies and expertise:

- long-term cell culture procedures in GMP (adherent and suspension cells), for instance mesenchymal stromal cells and T cells
- rapid cell isolations, both open and closed processing
- CliniMACS technology platform
- optimization of cell culture conditions
- xenofree culture conditions and supplements
- cell characterization and functional studies
- procurement of biological starting materials
- stability studies
- transportation conditions

• altogether 220 m2 GMP-grade clean room space, for both open and closed processing

• processing equipment, e.g.:

- 2-chamber grade A isolator for open processing

- CliniMACS Prodigy and CliniMACS Plus cell selection systemsisolators

• comprehensive laboratory analytics especially for living cells

• trained and dedicated GMP personnel

• current manufacturing licenses from the competent authority Fimea: national ATMP manufacturing license (ATMP hospital exemption license), tissue establishment license


Contact persons:

Production manager Anita Laitinen, PhD; email: anita.laitinen(at)