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Are you interested in donating blood with your colleagues? – this is the easiest way

9/18/2018 10:50

In the autumn, people in many workplaces start thinking about things they could do together to do some good. Blood donation is an excellent way of showing corporate responsibility, and you will feel good about doing something for others. At the Blood Service, we are often asked how to organise a blood collection event at work. Read about how you and your colleagues can help with blood donation!

Blood Service also organises blood donation events with major employers, military garrisons and educational institutions. However, we do not organise as many events as we used to, since it is vitally important to achieve a steady flow of donations in order to ensure an efficient blood supply chain.

“Blood Service receives numerous invitations to come to workplaces, and we are really pleased about this, as groups at workplaces are important to us. However, invitations are often made by people that are somewhat optimistic about the number of participants – in our experience, about one in ten workers will show up to give blood”, says Pirjo Grön, Head of the Helsinki Mobile Blood Services Unit.

Our daily goal is to collect around 800 bags of blood, which means that we should collect at least 70–80 bags of blood at each event. We are most likely to achieve this at a company with at least 1,000 employees in the building.

Other factors to be taken into account include the date, the accessibility of the location and its facilities for serving coffee and snacks, and the availability of accessible, peaceful and suitable premises for the event. The mobile units of the blood centres of Kuopio, Oulu, Seinäjoki, Tampere and Turku and the Helsinki Mobile Blood Service Unit organise these events within their areas of operation.

BloodGroup is the solution for smaller groups

For small and medium-size companies and organisations, the easiest way of helping is to start a BloodGroup and give blood at the nearest Blood Service Centre or at a public blood collection event (see here for the centres and schedules for public events).

“If your workplace is located close to a Blood Service Centre, we recommend that you start a BloodGroup and come to the centre together”, says Pirjo Grön.

We can even organise free rides to and from the Blood Service Centre if you have a group of at least four donors and the distance to the nearest centre is no more than 20 km. It is best to contact the Blood Service Centre or mobile unit in advance to make an appointment if you a planning a group visit.

“Starting a BloodGroup and doing it together with your colleagues is a great way of making blood donation a regular event, and a group of friends may encourage other people to join in”, says Kaisu Maijala, Marketing Coordinator (Businesses and Communities) for the Blood Service.
Every time, before you donate blood, you should make sure you are eligible to donate blood online at

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Start a BloodGroup and stretch out your arm this autumn and you could win a prize: