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Blood donations to continue by appointment

8/7/2020 9:30

The Blood Service recommends that all blood donors book an appointment in advance. Introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the booking system helps ensure that safe social distancing is maintained. The system also helps the Blood Service anticipate the number of expected donors. To ensure that blood products are available to patients as effectively as possible, it is important that the donor count remains steady.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several practices were changed at blood donation sites during the spring. One of the most obvious changes was the expansion of the appointment system. Previously, the system was only implemented at blood donation centres and at blood donation sessions at a few pilot sites. Following the emergency measures taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the appointment system was extended to cover all blood donations.

As this service change has proved successful from the perspective of blood donors and service staff alike, it is highly likely to become permanent.

"The appointment system allows us to limit the number of people in our premises at the same time, which ensures all of our safety by making it easier to maintain safe social distancing. And thanks to the lack of queues, appointments also speed up the donation time. Most importantly, the appointment system helps the Blood Service measure the daily donor count against the current needs of patients," says Tarja Järvinen, Nurse Manager at the Lahti Blood Service Centre.

Donors are also welcomed without an appointment as long as there are available donor times and safe social distancing can be maintained. This option is, however, dependent on factors such as the amount of non-donors occupying the same space.

“The best way to help and ensure you are able to donate blood is to make a reservation in advance. It is also a good idea to attend the appointment without friends or family who won't donate. This allows more donors into the donation site at the same time", she explains.

Donors may be accompanied by others if each person makes their own appointment. Donor times can be booked at

Precautionary measures are still in place at the Blood Service as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more