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Blood donors are still needed during the epidemic

3/16/2020 0:00

As the coronavirus epidemic spreads in Finland, the Blood Service will strive to ensure its operational ability, the availability of blood products and services, and overall operational continuity when some Finns are ill. Blood donors are still needed to cope with severely ill patients and victims of accidents.

The Government decreed additional measures on 16 March 2020 to address the COVID-19 situation in Finland. The measures include a ban on public gatherings of more than ten people and a recommendation to avoid public places. Donating blood remains vital to securing the treatment of patients, and blood donation points will remain open even in this emergency. The locations and opening hours of blood donation points are listed on our website.

Blood donors are also needed while the epidemic is ongoing, as patients still require blood products and treatment during this time. It is extremely important for donors who feel healthy to continue to donate blood. The need for blood is expected to fall as a result of the epidemic because planned, non-urgent surgery is not carried out.

Blood donation is safe, as only people who feel healthy are present. Surface cleaning has been increased at blood donation points, and hand sanitiser is available at all locations. We recommend that you wash or sanitise your hands when you arrive. Donating blood does not weaken your immune system.

Follow information provided by the Blood Service and respond to the need for blood. Please donate if you receive an invitation and you feel healthy. You can donate blood if and when you feel healthy and you meet the valid donation criteria. Check the status and opening hours of your blood donation point before you leave, as some events may have to be cancelled due to the epidemic. We encourage donors to book appointments to donate so that we can avoid queues.

The Blood Service's pandemic group is actively monitoring the situation and guidelines both in Finland and internationally. During the epidemic phase, the group convenes daily if necessary, and assesses necessary measures.