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Blood donors help develop new treatments at the Blood Service Biobank

10/1/2021 11:00

To date, 53,000 blood donors have joined the Blood Service Biobank. Among other things, these donors help to develop cancer treatments and provide information on the health effects of blood donation. Donors can join the Biobank during normal blood donation appointments.

​The Biobank’s donor samples and the data they generate bring unique and valuable information to researchers. The Biobank data is currently helping in developments such as a method for quickly and efficiently using genetic information to identify blood donors for patients who need carefully matched blood products. Such products are needed during long cancer treatments, for example.

“The help that blood donors give patients is invaluable. And by joining the Biobank, donors can extend the help they provide far into the future through involvement in developing both current and new treatment methods,” says Riikka Lehtisalo, one of the Blood Service’s specialist doctors.

The Blood Service Biobank collects samples from blood donors who have consented to their data being used for research purposes. To date, 53,000 blood donors have joined the Biobank. The goal is to reach 60,000 donors within the next two years.

You can join the Blood Service Biobank as part of a normal blood donation appointment. Once a donor has signed a biobank consent form, the nurse can collect the biobank sample as part of the usual blood donation process.

More information about the Biobank's activities, research based on blood sampling, and helpful materials for biobank donors is available on the Blood Service’s Biobank website.

Blood can be donated at sites all around Finland

In order for patients to receive the blood products they need, nearly a thousand blood donations are needed every weekday in Finland. 

An appointment must be made in advance each time a donor wishes to donate blood. This can be done at

The Blood Service arranges blood donation events around the country. These events are shown in the calendar on the Blood Service website.

Blood can also be donated at any of the Blood Service’s ten permanent centres across the country. Office opening hours can be found on each centre’s website: