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Blood Service’s relocation to Vantaa strengthens the reliability of blood supply

10/26/2022 8:00

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service has relocated to its new premises in Vehkala, Vantaa. For the time being, blood donation facilities are staying on the Blood Service’s old premises in Kivihaka, Helsinki, but the Service is looking for new blood donation facilities as well.

Kuva: Jyrki Komulainen

The new premises have been designed to facilitate the production of blood products, laboratory processes and the development of new cell therapies. The move will support the reliability of blood supply far in the future.

The Blood Service's production, laboratory, warehouse and various support functions have relocated to Vantaa. The Vehkala office is now the workplace of a total of 300 Blood Service employees. 

Smoother production and new technology

The Blood Service manufactures the blood products needed in hospitals in Finland from donated blood and performs laboratory tests concerning the transplantation of blood, organs and stem cells for hospitals.

The relocation to Vantaa is not only a move to a new office, but also a shift to new modern technology, such as laboratory and warehouse automation. These streamline and speed up processes, which benefits hospitals that need the Blood Service’s products and services as well as the patients treated in the hospitals.

New technology will also be used in the cell production centre, where advanced cell therapy preparations are made for cell therapies used in the treatment of severe diseases. The development of these products is gaining momentum thanks to new technologies and production facilities.

Reliability for the future

The new office is an important investment in the future also in terms of the reliability of the supply of blood products. The level of preparedness has been improved in many ways, including investing in backup power supply.

-The production of blood products is a demanding activity that requires the producer to be prepared 24/7, and in Finland only the Blood Service produces blood products. The technical functionality and reliability of the property is of critical importance to our society, Pia Westman, the Chief Executive of the Blood Service, explains.

In addition to the Blood Service's own special requirements, general environmental impacts and energy saving potential have been taken into account in the design of the new premises. The new office boasts features such as ventilation that adjusts to the conditions, condensate recovery, LED lights and solar control windows. The building has been granted the LEED certification, an international green building certification.

-With the move, we are taking a leap into the new era of Finnish blood product supply. Vantaa is an excellent new home for the Blood Service's core functions: the production of blood products and a round-the-clock service that facilitates patient care, Westman sums up.

The Blood Service's new premises were built by Hartela Oy. Construction began in the summer of 2020 and the project was completed in the summer of 2022. The building is owned by the real estate investment company Fastighets Ab Balder, from which the Blood Service rents the premises.