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The Blood Service and United Medix Laboratories Ltd have signed an agreement

10/30/2015 13:40

The FRCBS and YML have signed a lease agreement. United Medix Laboratories Ltd (YML) will relocate to Kivihaka in Helsinki in 2016 and sublease its premises from the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS). This agreement is beneficial for both parties, as the under-utilized Kivihaka facilities will be used more efficiently, and YML will consolidate its operations in one office.

The FRCBS has operated at Kivihaka in Helsinki since 1972, on premises originally constructed as a centre for blood-related services. The FRCBS leases its premises. As the operation of the FRCBS is undergoing changes, some of the facilities have not been used at all.

- We have much more space at Kivihaka than we need for our own operations. For a long time, we have been looking for a suitable subtenant to share the costs of our oversized premises and to use the facilities more effectively. Now we have found one, Martti Syrjälä, Chief Executive of the FRCBS, exclaims.

United Medix Laboratories Ltd is currently operating within two separate premises at Pitäjänmäki and Kilo. The company has been looking for appropriate facilities to consolidate its laboratory activities under one roof.

- Consolidating our central laboratory services in one office is an excellent solution for us. I believe that our customers will also see the benefits of this in the future. Furthermore, the FRCBS is a highly agreeable partner for us, states Pauliina Posti, the YML’s Managing Director.

In addition, the parties will adopt joint use of extensive laboratory automation equipment. Preliminary handling of samples with this equipment will provide both organizations with additional capacity and efficiency.

They both study blood samples – albeit for varying purposes. "We don’t have operations in direct competition with each other, so this presents us both with an excellent opportunity for cooperation. A wonderful hub of the Finnish laboratory industry will be created at Kivihaka", Martti Syrjälä declares.

Both companies will continue as separate organizations, and this agreement does not involve any corporate arrangements.

YML will commence its gradual relocation in early 2016, provided that the renovation stays within schedule. The FRCBS employs almost 500 people, 350 of them at Kivihaka. United Medix Laboratories Ltd has 160 employees.