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Blood Service conveys greetings to little patients at the Finnish Red Cross’ Gimis event

6/8/2017 15:20

During the Red Cross event week Gimis on 6-11 June on the Kansalaistori Square, it is possible to write greetings to the patients of the Children's Hospital. At the Blood Service and Stem Cell Registry stand, there will be a “Tree of Hope”, on the branches of which visitors can hang their messages.

​The tree will be handed over to the Children's Hospital and placed in the reception lobby on the World Blood Donor Day on 14 June. At least 800 blood donors are needed in Finland every weekday to keep surgical, cancer and emergency patients alive, and enable provision of treatment.



For the duration of the Finnish Red Cross (FRC) event, a “Tree of Hope”, donated by a Finnish company Lovi Oy, will be erected on the Kansalaistori Square. Blood donors and other visitors to the event are welcome to write their greetings to paediatric patients and hang them on the branches of the tree. The Blood Service will hand over the tree to the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) Children's Hospital next week on The World Blood Donor Day. The tree will be placed in the reception lobby of the hospital.

The Gimis event presents FRC’s diverse activities in Finland and abroad, and offers all kind of action for the whole family from the morning hours until the evening. The event features, for example, the Teddy Bear Hospital to tend to the ailments of your favourite stuffed animals.

The event is part of the Finnish Red Cross General Assembly held at the Finlandia Hall on 10-11 June. Blood Service and Stem Cell Registry are independent and separate parts of the Finnish Red Cross, but work in close cooperation with the parent organisation.

Welcome to visit the event - see you on the Kansalaistori Square!