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Changes to coronavirus-related precautions for blood donation

7/1/2021 16:00

The Blood Service has made changes to its precautions related to the COVID 19 epidemic. From June 28, 2021, all donors will be recommended to wear a face mask in our donation areas. Also, restrictions on entry for children, escorts and volunteer helpers will be eased.

During spring and early summer, the Blood Service required everyone to wear a surgical mask in its donation areas. Starting from the end of June, all donors will be recommended to wear a surgical mask provided by the Blood Service, at the very least during the interview conducted by our nurse and while donating.

Blood Service staff will also wear face masks while interacting with customers and during any close contact.

These changes to our precautions mean that children and escorts will again be allowed onto our donation sites. They, too, must follow the precautions.

Our mask recommendation for blood donors in a nutshell:
• When checking in, you do not need to remove your mask.
• Drinking liquids before donation is important. You can remove your mask to do so.
• To confirm your identity, our nurse will ask you to show your face. You can do this by removing one of the ear hooks and pulling the mask slightly to the side.
• You can change your mask if you need to. Surgical masks provided by the Blood Service as well as the hand sanitizer and trash cans needed for the mask change will be available at the donation site.
• You may wear your own mask if you prefer. Remember to adhere to good hand hygiene practice and dispose of your used mask by placing it in a trash bag or re-sealable plastic bag.

As before, only asymptomatic donors will be allowed to attend. The Blood Service will continue to ensure that it is possible to maintain safe distances in all our donation areas. Anyone attending our donation sites will also be instructed to follow proper hand hygiene practices and to wash or disinfect their hands at least upon arrival, before having their blood donation snack and as they leave.

Blood donation will continue to operate by appointment only. You can make an appointment for any of our donation events or locations, regardless of your place of residence.