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Changes to donor suitability beginning 4 January 2021

12/28/2020 15:00

As of 4 January 2021, the safety period for those who have recovered at home from COVID-19 will shorten to 14 days.

Starting on 4 January, the safety period following recovery from a coronavirus infection at home will shorten from 28 days to 14 days. The safety period following recovery from a severe coronavirus infection requiring hospitalisation will remain at 3 months.

If you have been in contact with a member of your family who has tested positive for coronavirus you will not be able to donate blood for 14 days. If you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus outside home (e.g. at work), you will not be allowed to donate blood for 10 days. Staff treating coronavirus patients may only donate blood if the previous contact with a coronavirus patient was at least 10 days prior to the donation date.

At the same time, the safety period for those returning from EU/EFTA countries or the United Kingdom will shorten from 14 days to 10 days in accordance with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare guidelines governing travel in countries affected by the pandemic.