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Confidence in Blood Service products and services remains very high

1/12/2022 16:00

The results of the Blood Service’s annual customer survey show that healthcare professionals continue to have great confidence and trust in the high quality of the Blood Service's products and services. The feedback from hospitals shows particular appreciation for the Blood Service’s excellent customer service, as well as the Service’s ability to help in problem situations and the training it offers.

The Blood Service surveyed its hospital clients about their experiences of cooperation in November-December 2021. The respondents were doctors, nurses, blood centre staff, and healthcare management and administration representatives. Every university- and central hospital in Finland was represented in the survey. 

The level of confidence professionals have in the Blood Service has remained high year after year. The results of the survey show that the Blood Service is considered a reliable and competent partner. The reliability of the Blood Service’s products and service was given an average score of 9.7, with the majority of respondents giving it a perfect score of 10. Cooperation with the Blood Service was regarded as good, with a grade of 9.5 (on a scale of 4–10). 

Expert service and assistance in problem situations

The respondents showed special appreciation for the easy approachability of the Blood Service’s experts and the help they received in problem situations. In addition, staff in the Blood Service’s core departments (the ordering centre, the blood group laboratory, and the blood security office) received excellent ratings for their daily customer service.

“Developing trust is part and parcel of our daily customer service. Special thanks are due not only to our customers, but also to all our staff", says Hannele Sareneva, Director of Hospital
Accounts for the Blood Service.

The survey also revealed areas for development. A specific request made by the respondents was for more training for medical staff in relation to blood products and blood transfusion treatment. It was also hoped that electronic services would be extended and information related to the use of blood products would be shared nationwide. The feedback will be used throughout the Blood Service’s strategic planning and development work.