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COVID-19-related blood donation practices from 2 December onwards

12/2/2020 9:40

We are working to ensure the safety of our blood donors even during these exceptional times. We have introduced pandemic-related precautions, the most important ones of which are good hand hygiene and social distancing. Blood donations require an advance booking and only donors are allowed to enter donation premises. We strongly recommend the use of facial masks.

When a donor arrives, we immediately check whether they have symptoms of a common cold. All donors are then instructed to wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer. Cleaning of our premises has been intensified, and our staff members stay home if they have any symptoms of a common cold. No children or escorts are currently allowed to enter the donation premises, the exceptions being donors' personal assistants (for example for donors with a hearing disability).

Blood donors are strongly encouraged to use a facial mask. We will provide donors with a mask upon registration. Blood Service nurses also wear facial masks. Masks must be removed when drinking fluids and for donor identification.

Blood donation events are not public events as stipulated in the law (statement by the Regional State Administrative Agency, in Finnish). Ensuring a functional blood supply is essential in all circumstances. This requires mobile blood services and the provision of donation events. It is crucially important to organise blood donation events; we still need blood donors to treat accident victims and persons with serious medical conditions.

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