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Even at Christmas, you can save someone’s life – see the blood donation opening hours

12/21/2021 10:00

Donating blood is a way to remember those who do not get to go home for Christmas. Blood donors are needed around the long holidays during Christmas and New Year. Blood can still be donated on 23 December and on New Year’s Eve, 31 December.

​Every day of the year hospitals treat patients who need blood transfusions, and this is why the help of approximately 800 volunteer blood donors is needed every weekday. Holidays on weekdays increase the need for blood donors on other days of the week, as platelet preparations, which are vital to cancer patients, are only good for five days after donation.

Opening hours for blood donation centres during Christmas and the days leading to New Year

  • On a day before Christmas Eve, 23 December, blood can be donated at the ten Blood Service centres and at blood donation events in Lohja, Kokemäki and Ikaalinen. 
  • Blood cannot be donated on Christmas Eve.
  • All Blood Service centres will be open again on 27 December. During the days between Christmas and New Year, blood donation events are held in 21 locations, from Lapland to southern Finland. 
  • New Year's Eve, Friday 31 December The Blood Service centres are open, except for the one in Seinäjoki. Blood donation events will be held in Salo, Hyvinkää, Kokkola and Järvenpää
  • On Epiphany, 6 January, blood cannot be donated, but on Friday 7 January, opportunities for donating blood will be arranged again around the country: in addition to the centres, also in Rauma, Vaasa, Porvoo, Kerava and Kangasala.

Blood can be donated at sites all around Finland

Book an appointment to blood donation here.

The Blood Service arranges blood donation events around the country. These events are shown in the calendar on the Blood Service website.

Blood can also be donated at any of the Blood Service’s ten permanent centres across the country. Office opening hours can be found on each centre’s website: