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Great need for blood donors in May

5/7/2018 17:20

May is the most challenging month of the year for blood donation. Warmer weather and the late spring rush can divert attention from blood donation. This is not helped by the fact that we have several mid-week public holidays in May. Hospital operations continue to run as usual until the late summer, meaning that, even in May, 800 blood donors are needed for patients every day.

Mid-week public holidays, such as May Day and Ascension Day, will increase the need for blood donors during other days in May, in order to ensure that patients receive the blood products they need as usual, despite the public holidays. At the same time, warming weather will attract crowds to spend time at their summer cabins and outdoors, and blood donation may be forgotten. Furthermore, at the end of the month, the school closing and graduation ceremonies, and the related preparations, will be the focus of attention in many households.

In hospitals, the use of blood products will be normal or even higher than normal in May, due to the performance of planned operations before the summer.

May is an excellent month to come and give a helping hand. Patients need blood every day in support of treatment such as cancer therapy and when giving birth, or due to accidents and surgery.

Blood donors are encouraged to check the need for their blood group from droplets and donate blood, preferably on days when the droplet for their blood group is half full or less than half full. New donors do not have to know their blood group beforehand.


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