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Making an appointment to donate blood during the coronavirus pandemic

3/31/2020 15:30

In order to further ensure donor safety, the Blood Service is introducing an appointment system for blood donations as of 1 April 2020. The appointment system will make it significantly easier to anticipate the need for donors during the coronavirus pandemic.

- Donor safety is of paramount importance to us. By implementing an appointment system, we are able to anticipate and, if necessary, limit the number of donors in the same space," says Maarit Kuusisaari-Bergström, Chief Operating Officer of the Blood Service.

- It is especially important during the pandemic to have a clear picture of the number of donors intending to donate blood in the days and weeks to come. This allows us to ensure that all the blood products needed by hospitals are evenly distributed," she continues.

Appointments for blood donation can be made online on the Blood Service’s website

At present, arrangements for blood donations through the Eastern Finland mobile blood service are to be made online at

Appointments can currently be booked two weeks in advance. The appointment system is constantly being developed by the Blood Service. Appointment booking is also available at all Blood Service Centres.

Questions about appointments

Precautionary measures taken by the Finnish Blood Service during the pandemic
It is essential that healthy people continue to donate blood. Severely ill patients and others in dire need continue to require blood products on a daily basis during the pandemic period. The Blood Service has changed some practices at blood donation sites due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Only blood donors are allowed to enter the donation area. Children or escorts may not accompany donors to donation sites during the pandemic. Blood donors are immediately checked upon arrival to confirm that they do not have any flu-like symptoms. Each donor is directed to wash or disinfect their hands upon arrival.

Restrictions are in place to limit the number of people attending a Blood Service site at the same time. Donors are instructed to come by appointment and keep a distance of at least one metre from other donors in the same space.

- We have increased the level of cleaning at our premises and our staff have been instructed to stay at home if they have any flu-like symptoms. It remains safe to donate blood, Kuusisaari-Bergström says.