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More than 10,000 group donations received

12/7/2017 9:30

In honour of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, Blood Service has challenged companies, organisations, educational institutions, sports teams and other groups to set up a BloodGroup and donate a total of 10,000 bags of blood in 2017. The campaign "10 000 kädenojennusta Suomelle" achieved its target just before Independence Day.

The first blood transfusion in Finland was carried out more than a hundred years ago and, to this day, the steady availability of blood products is a vital prerequisite for the functioning of the country’s health care services. Every day, blood products from 800 volunteer donors are needed to help victims of accidents, women giving birth, cancer sufferers and both acute and scheduled surgical operations.

Companies and organisations are important partners for the Blood Service in helping patients – many employers allow employees to donate blood during working hours. When you help together, the donation multiplies. Moreover, donating blood in a group is easy and fun.

“We would like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the groups who have donated blood. We are particularly pleased to see that students have been participating very enthusiastically. We are always in need of new blood donors. Student organisations and student bodies across the country have set up BloodGroups, hosted donation events and organised visits to donation points, and the campaigns have also been highly visible in the social media,” says Community Marketing Coordinator Kaisu Maijala.

At present, there are 3,000 BloodGroups throughout the country. The campaign goal was to get at least 500 new groups of donors involved, and by the end of November almost 400 new BloodGroups had been set up. Also the Parliament of Finland has it's own BloodGroup.

The Finland 100 campaign will continue until the end of the year. All existing and new BloodGroups who have donated blood during the campaign between August and December will participate in a prize draw where they will have a chance to win film tickets or vouchers entitling to a cruise, a hotel stay or restaurant services. The group that has donated the most blood will be awarded an emergency first aid course organised by the Red Cross. BloodGroups that have donated blood at least ten times during the year will receive Finland 100 diplomas.

All in all, people in Finland have donated blood more than 180,000 times this year.

The campaign "10 000 kädenojennusta Suomelle"  is part of the programme celebrating the centennial of Finland’s independence.