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Patients need blood also during the summertime

7/22/2021 17:00

During the summer, it has been challenging at times to find enough blood donors. The reasons behind this include the prolonged heat and the coronavirus epidemic. However, blood donors from all blood groups are needed every weekday, as blood products only last for a limited period of time.

​Patients do not take summer holidays. Cancer and surgical patients, mothers giving birth, preterm infants and accident victims all need blood products every day. Blood products made from donated blood do not withstand long storage, which is why new blood is constantly needed.

“For the time being, there have been enough donors and all patients have received the blood products they need. One can only thank the active blood donors who have helped despite the heat and the situation with the epidemic. These people are lifesavers,” says Willy Toiviainen, Director, Communications and Human Resources at Finnish Red Cross Blood Service. 

The Blood Service has actively invited donors both via text message and by calling. Every working day in Finland, patients need help from approximately 800 blood donors to obtain a sufficient amount of blood products.

Many of the donors are very committed and arrive to donate year after year.  However, some people have to stop or interrupt donating blood due to, for example, ageing, life situation or illnesses. Therefore, there is also a continuous need for new donors.

“Your first donation can be between the age of 18 and 59. Anyone considering their first donation can test their suitability for becoming a blood donor at,” Toiviainen encourages.

Throughout the coronavirus epidemic, the Blood Service has taken strong precautions to ensure that donation can be carried out safely. An appointment should be made for blood donation. Being vaccinated against coronavirus does not prevent you from donating blood. Further information and appointment booking at