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The Blood Service and HansaBioMed Life Sciences sign a letter of intent for product development collaboration on extracellular vesicles

12/21/2021 11:00

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and HansaBioMed Life Sciences have signed a letter of intent to carry out joint product development to deliver extracellular vesicles (EVs) for biomedical research.

​Blood cells contain extracellular vesicles (EVs) possessing biological characteristics and effects that are an area of interest at the Blood Service and many other research organisations. Researchers are investigating whether these vesicles could help in the diagnosis of diseases or even support individual cell therapies in the future.

HansaBioMed Life Sciences operates in Tallinn, Estonia, and is one of the oldest companies specialising in research and development of EVs. It collaborates with many international research organisations providing them with products for research into EVs and nanoparticles.

“The reference material in vesicle research requires constant development. Together with the Blood Service, we want to develop next generation EV products out of blood components – products that are standardised, purified and of high quality. These products could help researchers to understand the potential of EVs that are separated from different blood components. ”, says Paolo Guazzi, PhD, HansaBioMed’s COO.  

The Blood Service already has over 60 years of experience in scientific research in its field. Its main research areas are the blood service chain, new cell therapies, and the suitability of organ and tissue transplantations. The Blood Service intends to develop technologies that could be used to process EVs for research purposes. These vesicles are obtained from blood components such as red blood cells and thrombocytes (platelets).

“Our mission is to create opportunities for saving lives. We want to be in the frontline when it comes to researching and using EVs obtained from blood. We’ve developed ways to isolate, purify and characterise these vesicles. Next, we’re going to proceed towards the development of EV products together with our partners within the national EVE consortium. HansaBioMed was a natural choice for our product development partner”, says PhD Saara Laitinen, R&D Manager with the Blood Service, who is also the head of the national EVE consortium.

Opportunities for wider co-operation will be explored during the period covered by the letter of intent. The aim is to assess the form and extent of the collaboration, as well as the related practical capabilities within both the Blood Service and HansaBioMed.