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Travel-related deferral period required prior to blood donation to change on August 9

8/9/2021 15:00

The separate two-week coronavirus-related deferral period pertaining to blood donation by those entering Finland from EU/EFTA countries will be lifted on August 9, 2021. From this date, the same health security principles that apply to crossing the Finnish border will also apply to blood donation after travel.

​This change follows official policy, as Finland has eased travel following changes in the pattern of the epidemic and vaccination coverage. For travel destinations outside risk areas for West Nile virus, the same health security principles that apply on entry into Finland will also apply to blood donation after travel. See the THL website for advice for travellers.

Blood can be donated

  • if the donor has arrived from a region requiring no action or documentation at the Finnish border (a low-risk country or region according to official guidelines) – in other words, if the traveller has been permitted to enter Finland without restrictions
  • if the donor has fulfilled the requirements for a COVID-19 certificate (certificate of vaccination or of recovery from COVID-19) at the Finnish border, or
  • if the donor has tested negative for COVID-19 3 to 5 days after returning to Finland (as required by the authorities).

Due to the West Nile virus transmission season, travellers returning from certain parts of Europe will be subject to a 28-day deferral period starting on 12 July 2021.