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Trust in Blood Service is at top level

5/11/2018 10:05

A recent customer service survey reveals that healthcare professionals' trust in the products and services of the Blood Service has remained at an excellent level. Hospitals particularly value the availability of 24-hour assistance in problem situations, as well as the Blood Service’s training services.

In the early spring, the Blood Service asked professionals who work with blood products about their experiences of cooperation with the Blood Service. The respondents were doctors, nurses, blood centre staff and healthcare management and administration representatives from all hospital districts (n = 151).

The survey showed that the Blood Service is considered a highly reliable and knowledgeable partner. Cooperation with the Blood Service was regarded as good, with a grade of 9.5 (on a scale of 4–10). The reliability of blood products and services was given an average of 9.7, i.e. the vast majority of respondents rated the activity as worthy of a full ten. The reliability rating remained unchanged from the previous survey of two years ago.

A modern and effective blood supply chain

Physicians and nurses emphasised the importance to their work of the medical consultation and training offered by the Blood Service. In addition, the staff of two key functions, the blood group laboratory and the order centre, were given excellent grades for their daily customer service.

- This is a huge ‘thank you’ for all of our staff, and important recognition of the work done by the Blood Service over the last 70 years. It's great that we are particularly appreciated for our 24-hour expert services and training. The broad shoulders of the Blood Service, as a national actor, are required in order to provide such services, says Martti Syrjälä, Director of the Blood Service.

The study also revealed areas in need of development. The respondents wanted more training for nursing staff on the use of blood products and safe blood transfusions. In addition, the option of ordering blood products electronically was considered desirable.

The feedback will be used in the development of the Blood Service. The Blood Service is currently introducing a new comprehensive information system for blood donation, preparation and order-supply chains.

-Through the "Vein-to-Vein" information system, hospitals will be able to order blood products electronically, as mentioned in the feedback, says Syrjälä.