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Updated COVID-19 precautions for blood donation

1/7/2022 10:00

Due to the worsening COVID-19 emergency, new precautions are being implemented at all blood donation sites. Blood donors are now required to wear a face mask while at the donation site. Currently donors may not be accompanied by children or escorts when giving blood. The only exception to this are personal carers for donors requiring assistance due to hearing loss, for example.

​All precautions can be checked on the Blood Service’s Coronavirus and Blood Donation webpage. In addition to change regarding children and escorts, the most relevant safety concerns for blood donors are the use of face masks, COVID-19 passports, and the effects of the COVID-19 vaccination on blood donation.

  • Do I need a COVID-19 passport to use the Blood Service? A COVID-19 passport may be separately required by individual blood donation sites. When this is the case, we inform our blood donors of this requirement as soon possible.
  • Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination does not affect your ability to give blood. If you have a strong reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine (e. g. severe aches or a fever), you must wait for two days from the date on which the symptoms end before you can give blood.
  • Blood donors are required to wear a face mask throughout the visit at any blood donation site. You may remove your face mask to drink and eat. You may use your own face mask or a surgical face mask provided to all Blood Service donors. 

By donating blood, you are giving an invaluable gift to the many patients in need of blood products every day in Finland – including during the current coronavirus emergency.

We ensure the safety of all blood donors by following guidance on face masks, safety distances and enhanced hygiene, for example. Appointments also help limit the number of people in the space at the same time.