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Stem Cell Registry Promoters

Join and encourage other people to join and extend a helping hand. Organise a campaign at your workplace, school or hobby club.


If you are already a member of the Stem Cell Registry or cannot join it or can no longer be a member, you can always encourage other people to join. The Stem Cell Registry needs some 4000 new members each year to allow effective help to be given to patients who need stem cell transplants. Every time the Registry receives a new member, new opportunities open for finding a transplant donor for a patient in need.

If you feel motivated to become a Stem Cell Registry Promoter, and need help in your campaigns or recruiting material, send a message to kantasolurekisteri(at)

​The following individuals and groups have been involved in recruiting new members:

• Minister of Finance Alexander Stubb

• journalist Baba Lybeck

• triathlonist Antti Hagqvist

• Project Liv, a project supporting children with a long-term illness

• Megaman, a charity project

• Stam1na, a Finnish metal band

• All for Hope - Hope for All community

• Crossfit Central Helsinki, a gym

• FF Jaro, a football club

• Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus, a health and fitness centre

• Linna Rugby Club ry

• Students union of the Tampere University of Technology