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Many ways of helping

You can support the Stem Cell Registry in many ways. Choose your own way of helping and ask your friends to join in creating opportunities to save life.

1) Join the Finnish Stem Cell Registry.

The Stem Cell Registry needs some 4000 new members each year to allow effective help to be given to patients who need stem cell transplants.

Stem cell transplants are used in the treatment of diseases such as leukaemia. The purpose of a stem cell transplant is to replace the cancer patient’s malignant cells with healthy stem cells. In many cases, a stem cell transplant is the patient’s last hope when nothing else has worked.

Those who wish to join the Stem Cell Registry should be aged between 18 and 35 and in good basic health. Young men are particularly needed because men are selected as donors more often than women for biological reasons. The Registry currently contains more women than men.

First test your eligibility for blood stem cell donation and join the Stem Cell Registry at www.soluistaelämää.fi and Join the Registry!

2) Donate blood

Many patients in need of a stem cell transplant also need a great deal of blood products in order to recover. Donating blood is a quick and easy way to help. Each bag of donated blood will help up to three patients, since the donated whole blood is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma. In the Helsinki metropolitan area, a donor has the option to donate only platelets that are used in cancer patient treatment.

Test your eligibility for blood donation at

Read more about blood donation.

3) Become a Stem Cell Registry Promoter

If you are already a member of the Stem Cell Registry or cannot join it or be a member in it, you can always encourage other people to join. Stem Cell Registry Promoters  wish to help the Registry recruit new members by informing their friends, colleagues or hobby clubs about its importance. Women are particularly asked to encourage any men in their social circle to join the Registry.

Social media is the most efficient way to send encouraging messages. You can also hold campaigns in your community using posters and leaflets, for example. You can also invite staff from the Stem Cell Registry to give a talk on Registry membership and stem cell donation.

Read more about Stem Cell Registry Promoters.

4) Organise a campaign

If you are planning to organise a larger recruiting campaign, the Stem Cell Registry will be happy to help you. We will provide you with materials for the campaign and support you with campaign communications. We are happy to talk about our work at events especially targeted at young adults.

5) Share your story

Have you received a stem cell transplant or donated stem cells? The Stem Cell Registry seeks voluntary patients and stem cell donors for various communication purposes. Real stories are the best way to encourage people and help them to understand the importance of joining the Stem Cell Registry. If you are willing to share your story on our website or in the media, please contact us.