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Joining is easy

​1) First read what blood stem cell donation encompasses

Information for those who​ want to join the Stem Cell Registry.

Note: Members of the Registry commit to helping any patient in need, whether child or adult, Finnish or foreign. Registry members cannot choose the recipients of their donations, since the choice of donor is primarily dictated by factors of tissue compatibility.

2) Please check whether you are eligible to donate stem cells:

For more information on your eligibility, call +358 29 300 1515 or send an e-mail to kantasolurekisteri(at)

3) Complete an online form to join the registry.

For authentication, you need Bank Identifying Codes.

4) Take a sample from the inside of your mouth.

We will post you a sterilised cotton swab so you can take a sample.


5) Return your sample to the Blood Service in the envelope enclosed.

A preliminary tissue typing obtained from the saliva sample is used to find a suitable donor. Only those who have returned the sample may be included in the registry.

The blood- and tissue typing of the saliva samples of those joining the Stem Cell Registry are done in a contract laboratory in the United States. Only the sample and an identifying code are sent to the laboratory. Name or any other identification information will not be sent. The Blood Service confirms with contracts that EU privacy policies are applied and that the sample material is not used in any other function than what is specified in the contract. When the tissue typing is done, the information will be saved both Finnish and the global registries (World Marrow Donor Association).
Thank you for your interest in helping!